Autmotive Interior, Door Panel, Color ConcentrateAutomotive Products

UCC has automotive approvals in a variety of polymers.  These polymers include but are not limited to:  ABS, PP, Filled PP, PA, Glass-Filled PA, Cu Stabilized PA, Cu Stabilized Glass-Filled PA, PC/ABS, PA/ABS, SMA, PE, TPO, PP/PMMA, Ionomers, PBT, PC, POM, Polyester type TPE, Styrenic type TPE, Olefinic type TPE, Poyurethane type TPE, PPO, PPE, PMMA. In addition, UCC can formulate at various let down ratios as well as incorporate a number of special effects or functional additives. 



Automobile Interior, Color ConcentrateAdditives can be incorporated into a color concentrate formulation or provided as a stand alone additive concentrate.  UCC offers a variety of functional additives.  Additives commonly found in automotive color concentrate today include Ultraviolet Inhibitor, Anti-Oxidants, Scratch & Mar, Flow Modifiers, Nucleators, Impact Modifiers, Anti-Static Additives, Valve-Gated Tool Enhancer, Chemical Foaming Agents. Please vist the Additive Offerings page for more information.