Packaging Case Study

The Customer

Producer of Injection Molded Packaging

The Application

Injection Molded Jar for Face Cream

The Challenge

Match and produce two color masterbatch formulas using painted design prototypes as targets. The design prototypes contained paint pigment and a color luster not achievable using molded in color. The timeline required that the matches and samples be complete by the end of week 1 and production quantities be produced by the end of week 2.

The Process

The prototype designer was invited to the UCC Design Center located in Holland, MI. A dedicated color formulator worked with the designer through an intensive color matching process until the 2 colors were matched to the designer’s expectations. A sample was immediately produced and shipped to mold for part approval. Approval was granted without the need to resample and the first order was produced.

The Result

The match, sample and production order were completed in less than 10 days. The first production run of the jars was successful and the end product reached the store shelves on time and on color.