Uniform Color Company’s headquarters can be found in the heart of West Michigan, a region known as one of the world leaders in office furniture production.  Complex designs, bright colors and unique polymers have become common place in today’s office furniture. With UCC’s color trend knowledge and ability to color over 45 different polymers, the sky is the limit for this ever changing industry.  UCC has been coloring office furniture since 1981, starting with our neighbors and reaching out globally.

UCC can provide color masterbatch to color a variety of polymers used in the furniture industry. These polymers include but are not limited to: ABS, PP, Filled PP, PA, Glass-Filled PA, Cu Stabilized PA, Cu Stabilized Glass-Filled PA, PC/ABS, PA/ABS, SMA, PE, TPO, PP/PMMA, Ionomers, PBT, PC, POM, Polyester type TPE, Styrenic type TPE, Olefinic type TPE, Poyurethane type TPE, PPO, PPE, PMMA

In addition, UCC can formulate at various let down ratios as well as incorporate a number of special effects or functional additives.

Color matched office furniture


Additives can be incorporated into a color masterbatch formulation or provided as a stand alone additive concentrate. UCC offers a variety of functional additives. Please visit the Additive Offerings page for more information.

Regulatory Information

UCC can formulate in accordance with a number of regulatory guidelines. For more information, please visit the Regulatory Information page.

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