Liqui-Kolor Custom Liquid Masterbatches from UCC

Liqui-Kolor products are available in Europe and N.A.

Liquid colorants are tailor-made products composed of pigments, dyes or additives dispersed in a compatible liquid carrier.  Compatible carriers are selected by the end-use polymer application.  Formulas are custom created based on your requirements to include color or color and additives (e.g., UV stabilizers, anti-statics, lubricants). The recommended dosing equipment has been especially designed for our products to achieve very low letdown ratios and to bring coloration cost savings. Our experts will provide the advice you need.  For further information please consult our sales team.
Liquid Masterbatches


There is a Liqui-Kolor product for your application:

For Polyolefins, Styrenics, and Engineering Plastics

Application: Coloration of articles produced by injection molding, blow molding or extrusion

Composition: Inorganic and/or organic pigments or dyes are dispersed in a liquid carrier with a high molecular weight. The nature of the carrier varies depending on the Liqui-Kolor® series used: Standard and special series have been developed for almost all thermoplastics.

For Polyurethanes

Application: Coloration of polyurethane foam based on polyether polyol; preparations allow the coloration of flexible foam blocks as well as integral skin foam.

Composition: Inorganic and/or organic pigments, dispersed in a polyether polyol

For Flexible PVC

Application: Coloration of flexible PVC articles, plastisols or organosols and other systems where plasticizers can be used.  depending on the application is available based on monomeric plasticizers such as DINP, DIDP etc., polymeric plasticizers or a mixture of plasticizer and organic solvent.

Composition: Inorganic and/or organic pigments, dispersed in different plasticizers or in a mixture of plasticizer and organic solvent

For Water Based Systems

Application: Coloration of all kinds of aqueous systems

Composition: Inorganic and/or organic pigments dispersed in a mixture of water/glycol derivatives and wetting agents or dispersed in a glycol-free composition


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