Paint Replacement

Metallic Paint Replacement with Molded In Color

UCC is frequently called in to determine the feasibility of replacing a metal or a painted plastic part with molded in color.  Our holistic approach to formulation, mold design (if possible) and process optimization allows us to craft a custom solution for each application.  We optimize the solution to give the best possible result and to address common technical challenges of working with pearl and metallic colorants. Our experts will provide the advice you need.  Early project involvement is critical to achieving the best possible result in the shortest amount of time.  Ask us about optimizing the “Four M’s” of  molded-in color.   For further information, please contact  your sales  rep or email us at  (Subject: Paint Replacement).


Benefits of Replacing Metallic Paint with Molded-in Color

Production Process Simplification

Improved Cycle Time

Less Raw Material Waste

More Production Floor Space

Improved Air Quality-No VOCs

Improved Surface Scratch Resistance

Risk Mitigation by Avoiding Claims related to Paint Scratches

Benefits of Replacing Metal Components with Colored Plastic*

Reduced Material Cost

Reduced Production Costs

Lighter Weight

Safer on Impact

Metal is often Painted, too!

*Note that our coloration technology does NOT change the physical properties of plastic to be more like metal.