Purge Products

Purge Solutions Designed by Color Change Experts

Uniform Color Company completes over 200 color changes per day in all kinds of polymers.  We understand how time consuming and  expensive it can be to your plastic manufacturing business every time you need to switch a color.

We harnessed our expertise in color changes,  our understanding of the critical nature of cleaning between orders, and the need for better efficiency  to design and produce proprietary purge solutions that benefit all plastic processors.  The UCC line of purge products, UCClean™ and Liqui-Purge™,  are now part of the value added solutions being offered to our customers. 

Purge products that work.

We use our own purge products in our daily manufacturing and are seeing measureable benefits in time and material savings.  These savings also offer value toward meeting sustainability goals.   Contact us to discuss the best purge product for your plastic processing equipment and for support in measuring that benefit.

We use our purge products every day, and we think you will too.  

Liqui-PurgeTM for Liquid Color Users

UCClean UCCleanTM for Solid Masterbatch or Precolored Compound Users